The following is a list of our programs.  You may access any combination of these services.

Verbal Behavior (ABA) Home Program Creation or Review: This is completed by a Behavior Analyst.  If you have an existing home ABA program and feel you need further consultation we can assess your program and make recommendations.  If you do not have a home program we may advise that one be created.  All home programs are created and up-dated by BCBAs who are supervised by the executive director, Tracy Palm, MS, BCBA.

Behavior Services Assessment Report/Behavior Support Plan: This is an assessment to determine the maintaining variables associated by the target behaviors to determine appropriate treatment strategies.  This type of assessment is typically completed when your child is having problem behaviors that are not effectively being worked on in the home environment.  This assessment will include a Behavior Support Plan and Functional Analysis. The Behavior Support Plan outlines treatment protocols that can be used to reduce problematic behaviors.

Direct Service: ABA Services completed by one of the following people – (Includes directly working with the client, any on-site training activities, implementing of a Behavior Support Plan, etc.)

  • Behavior Analyst (Someone who is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst or someone who has met all qualifications for Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst and is actively pursuing certification)
  • Behavior Specialist (Someone who has a Master’s Degree in Education, Psychology, or other relevant field and has at least 5 plus years working with children on the Autism Spectrum)
  • Lead Behavior Technician (Someone who may have limited college credit but has 6 plus years working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  • Behavior Technician (Someone who is new to the field and is currently pursuing a college degree in a related field)

Therapeutic Music Program: We offer a group therapeutic music program. Our music program is led by our wonderful piano teacher who is familiar with ABA principles and is trained in Kindermusic and music garten programs. Sessions are tailored to the developmental level of the group. This program is offered free of charge to those in the community thanks to a grant from the Thomas & Betts Corporation.

Social Skills Training Classes:  This class is led by one of our registered behavior technicians who has over 7 years of experience working with children with ASD.  The instructor follows an exciting curriculum that focuses on teaching children to make friends, use flexible thinking, problem solve, and use self calming skills.  Clients attending the class are excited about the class and have been able to generalize these skills in their everyday life.

Tutoring: Transformations offers a variety of tutoring options for families looking for ways to help their children.  Each child’s program is overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Behavior Technicians and Registered Behavior Technicians work one-on-one with each child.  The tutoring plan is completed using ABA principles.