What is Transformations?
Transformations Autism Treatment Center is a 501c3 non-profit Autism treatment center located in Memphis, Tennessee. Our mission is to aid individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in reaching their academic, social, and emotional potential by utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis. The services we offer are provided 1:1 to make sure that we are giving every child an individualized treatment program tailored to his or her needs.
What is Applied Behavior Analysis?
Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy is the most common scientifically proven method of treating Autism.  Behavior analysis is a natural science of behavior that was originally described by B.F. Skinner in the 1930’s.  Since the early 1960’s, hundreds of behavior analysts have used positive reinforcement and other principles to build communication, play, social, academic, self-care, work and community living skills and to reduce problem behaviors in learners with Autism of all ages.  The goal of ABA intervention is to enable the child to function as independently and successfully as possible in a variety of environments.

Though we can make no guarantees, we strive to assist your child in language development through ABA methodology.  There has been marked progress with clients we have worked with in the past and have the expectation that we can see the same progress with your child.

We believe in creating a loving and compassionate learning environment for individuals with ASD. We also seek to motivate and create a desire to learn new skills through fun play activities as well as structured teaching settings. Our extensively trained staff uses these techniques to maximize learning opportunities. These goals demand that we employ highly trained professionals, who specialize in autism treatment.

This is a brief list of the kind of staff we employ in our ABA services:

Board Certified Behavior Analyst: Master’s or Doctoral Degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis or another similar field of study. They have completed no less than 1000 hours of training in ABA.We seek out BCBA’s who have hands on experience in working with individuals with autism.

Registered Behavior Technician: Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, Education, or another related field. They are required to have completed no less than 500 hours of training, supervision, and experience in working with individuals with Autism.

Behavior Technician: Individuals with no less than 400 hours of training, supervision, and experience working with individuals with Autism. They may be working towards degrees in a related field.

What kind of services do you provide?
Services provided by Transformations include:

  • Behavioral and educational consultation
  • Speech Therapy
  • Therapeutic Music Classes
  • Advocacy Services
  • Social Skills Services
  • Behavioral and educational assessments
  • Behavioral treatment plan development
  • Training and monitoring
  • Professional training and development seminars
  • ABA treatment programs
Do you provide parent training?
Part of our mission is to educate parents and caregivers about Autism spectrum disorders.  We work to educate parents to understand the disorder and the affect it has upon both the child and the caregiver.  Parents are taught to understand and learn to implement behavior support interventions that are empirically sound and proven effective in parenting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We welcome parents to participate in their child’s treatment process. We offer free community trainings that offer training on a variety of topics

Can you help my child with problem behaviors?
Yes.  One of the first things that we try to do when working with a family is to try to help the family learn to be able to live peacefully together.  Often by addressing the problem behaviors that are disruptive to the home environment we are able to relieve some of the stress within the home.  Our services include functional behavior assessments which are often needed to treat the many inappropriate behavioral problems that may impede individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder’s ability to live full and happy lives.
What are the ages of the clients you accept into your program?
We accept clients from birth to adulthood.
Do you have a school program?
We do not have a school program.  We currently assist families who wish to have their children engage in a home-school program by way of designing lesson plans that incorporate ABA methodology.  We can provide behavioral technicians that can assist clients and families with implementing these plans and provide tutoring services.
Where do you provide services?
We provide services in our facility located at 6761 Stage Road, Bartlett, Tennessee, as well as some limited services in families’ homes and in the community.
Does insurance cover your services?
There are certain insurances that will pay for ABA services.  If you are interested in pursuing services, we advise you to contact our front desk staff.  If you provide your insurance information, we will be glad to contact your  insurance carrier to determine if ABA services are covered by your plan.
What are the costs for your services?
The cost for services vary by service.  Please refer to the list below or contact the center for rate information.

ABA Services — $18-125 per hour.
Social Skills Classes — $10 per class.
Speech TherapyPrice not set at this time. (Call 901-379-8827 to Inquire.)
Music Classes — FREE
Community Trainings — FREE or at a low cost.

Prices are subject to change. Please call our office for the most up to date pricing information.